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Chapter 16

Recovering Women Riders

Recovering Women Rider's was founded in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.
This Association was founded with the intent to unite women of recovery who ride, to give a central registry and to offer a membership that is solely for women. We are bikers who have chosen to remain clean and sober without forsaking the lifestyle of sisterhood in the wind. We do not require members to ride a specific brand of motorcycle nor do we ridicule the member's personal choices. We do not claim our modified lifestyle to be the only truth, nor do we suggest that any other lifestyle is inappropriate. We are bikers who have chosen abstinence because it is what we believe in for ourselves. For some of us, it is the only way we can continue to survive. The Recovering Women Rider's is not affiliated with any 12-step program. Our members attend these meetings and respect the traditions.

We are not bound by the tradition of anonymity.